In mid November 2022, Croatia’s national Esperanto archive, Dokumenta Esperanto-Centro (DEC), completed its very important digitization project for the journals Konkordo (1924–1928), Balkana Konkordo (1931) and La Suda Stelo (1932–1973). Around 4200 pages were involved, which were digitized at DEC’s request by a firm called Point s.l.r. in Varaždin.

The project received a grant in June 2022 from the Croatian Ministry of Culture and Media within the framework of protecting the “tradition of Esperanto” as article number Z-7298 of Croatia’s non-material heritage, which was announced in 2019.

50% of the project was funded by the Esperantic Studies Foundation.

The project was led by Josip Pleadin on behalf of DEC, and by Danko Tkalec at Point s.l.r. A positive appraisal of the work performed was also sent to the Ministry by the Conservation department in Bjelovar, the regional institution responsible for the conservation and protection of items of cultural value.

The journals have been digitized as PDF files with searchable text, and as of the middle of November 2022 the results of the project are available online.

Ĉi tiu artikolo estas ankaŭ disponebla en Esperanto.

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