Initial results indicate that the site is easier to use and maintain, but efforts are ongoing to make it even more lively, flexible, attractive, fresh in terms of its content and correct in its use of language, overseen by the UEA Commission for African Activity. We would greatly welcome – and be no less grateful to – anyone who would like to volunteer to proof-read the text.

While retaining some of the earlier functions, the new website has gained some new ones. For example, it can now redirect users to social platforms such as Facebook, Telegram, Instagram. Twitter and so on. A search facility lets you explore an online presentation of the continent’s commission, and you can contact the administrators. Furthermore, visitors can add comments below the articles posted. In short, the new site has a lot more space available, which avoids the need to remove old material to make way for new, as regularly happened with the old site.

One of the main aims of is to spread and store information about the African Esperanto movement in general. This is why it’s also free to sign up for newsletters to receive regular up-to-date news by email about Esperanto activity and general information about the continent. Please visit the website, call us or leave us a message if you have any problems. We will be happy to reply to you as quickly as we can.

The upgrades to the site and the transfer of information from the old site were achieved thanks to several weeks of technical work by a local web hosting service with help from Adjévi Adjé, an active member of the African Commission, and financial support from ESF. To take full advantage of how extensible the site is, we will be gradually turning it into a comprehensive and professional repository of information for all kinds of research into Esperanto in Africa.

Ĉi tiu artikolo estas ankaŭ disponebla en Esperanto.
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