In times of crisis, we show what we’re made of.

This year, ESF has shown time and time again that it is essential. We didn’t pause our work, waiting for a return to normalcy. Instead, we leveraged our resources and expertise, helping our partners quickly move from in-person to online events, often for the first time.

If you participated in the Computer-Assisted Language Instruction Consortium’s annual meeting, the World Festival of Esperanto, or NASK, you have seen our successes firsthand.

This kind of flexibility is uncommon—and uncommonly expensive.

You know that when people explore the intersection of language and justice at the highest levels, they look to ESF first. When Esperanto-speakers look for courses, educational materials, or resources, they look to ESF and its longstanding projects first: NASK, Lernu!,, and Tekstaro.

Our success has come from our long-term view. Our priorities of research, conservation, and education create meaningful results only after much work and investment by ESF and its partners. Nevertheless, we know that if ESF doesn’t invest in these areas, no one else will. It’s simply too costly and complicated to do so.

Without you, we can’t invest in the complex, long-term projects that can actually make a difference as we work “for linguistic justice in a multicultural world.” Our donors’ consistent commitment to ESF has led to this success. When you join us, we know that we can expand our work.

Please make your year-end gift todayThanks to you our work can continue – during this crisis and into the future.

Humphrey Tonkin
President, ESF

Ĉi tiu artikolo estas ankaŭ disponebla en Esperanto.
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