Guidelines for authors

Most articles are written in English or Esperanto, but we accept articles in any language.
We prefer most articles to appear in both English and Esperanto (as two separate posts). We are happy to translate contributions between these two languages.
Word count
Minimum 400 words, maximum 1000 words, ideally 800 words.
Professional, but reader-friendly for a lay audience.
We would like to include at least one illustration with each article. If you have a related image (e.g. a photo) please send it to us. it should be copyright-free.
If appropriate, please provide links to other sites of interest or to further reading. If a follow-up live presentation is scheduled to take place, please give the date and time.
Please indicate whether you are willing to reply to questions, comments etc.
Feel free to add links to your ESF profile,, Google Scholar, related websites, etc.
Articles are typically scheduled to appear at later dates, so if you wish, you can certainly send more than one article at the same time.
Posts must not be offensive in any way, and should be sensitive of the readership – that is, a worldwide audience of people living in different cultures under very different circumstances, with different customs, religions and so on.
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